Dr. Darrell Swolensky

Spinal Decompression Doctor

Dr. Darrell Swolensky is a Henderson Nevada chiropractor with over 15 years of providing Spinal Decompression services in Henderson NV

Dr. Darrell Swolensky has been practicing in Henderson Nevada for close to two decades. He  focuses on helping people become and remain pain-free. His cutting-edge technologies are the finest in the state of Nevada.

He started in chiropractic, as a young boy of seven, after unsuccessful treatment of headaches and allergies with traditional medicine. The resolution of those symptoms began a life course that wouldn’t be realized for many years.

Always active, he suffering a few severe sports injuries in his early twenties. Through rehabilitation and less than satisfying results, he was left searching for different solutions. During his time in the US Air Force he suffered with severe sciatica for more than  2 1/2 years. After many medical specialists and unsuccessful treatments, he sought out care from a chiropractor. That sciatica turned out to be a life changing event. Within three years he was enrolled in Palmer College of Chiropractic, the original chiropractic school.

Palmer College’s education was similar to all other medical schools but included a chiropractic philosophy unrivaled by any standard. It was in that first semester that he made the decision to share with everyone what chiropractic is and how it is essential for optimal health.

His post-graduate education has lead him to study enzyme replacement therapy, functional medicine, spinal biomechanics and become a certified trainer for the ProAdjuster group and Sigma Instruments.

If you are looking for the most advanced technologies in healthcare and alternative healing than look no further.